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12-05-2007, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Hank19 View Post
How on earth can you guys get an IceNGo rink kit to work with such a severe drop?
I tried to build mine on my backyard cement patio and it was only 3" difference and the water raced off the back-end.
From 2 seasons of trying to get this kit to work, it seems like you can only be off a 1" max. Both times it's been a disaster for me to the point where I just tossed it all and bought 2x12's and some greenhouse 4mm plastic.

You need to prop it up somehow. I used the diagram they included with the set to cut supports out of foam. Mine was over 12 inches and it worked out ok, but not great. It will work great for your rink. If I do it again this year, I may switch to plywood boards. I wanted to avoid that because I really didn't want to have to store them over the summer. I will likely have a 12-16" drop from end to end.

For a small patio, it should be very easy. Buy longer peices of pvc pipe rather than the short peices they include (cheap) and put them up on something. Buy bags of mulch or top soil that you will use in the spring etc. My rink is 30x60 so that won't really work for me. It is certainly a pain. I did it for two years and then took three off. Now my daughter is playing and so is the little neighbor kid so I think I might give it a go again. This time I will get the neighbors to help out.

Has anyone tried to put a center ice pic in the ice. I was thinking of adding a college logo cut out of paper and freeze it a couple of inches under the surface. Think it will attract sun and melt the ice two inches down? If so, I will skip it. Would love to have a big Spartan S at center ice. Once we commit, might as well go all the way. I already have the resurfacer, halogen lights and fire pit. Just need some benches and off we go. Last few winters here in Detroit have been really bad for rinks. Wonder what we will get this year.

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