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12-05-2007, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Irish Blues View Post
Trading O'Donnell alone won't get the Ducks enough room to get Niedermayer back - they currently sit at $53,270,833 for 2008-09 including Niedermayer, $46,520,833 without. In other words, because of the "tagging" provision they need to dump just over $3 million in cap dollars allocated to next year to get Niedermayer back [the tagging provision says, "if you make a trade, you can't acquire the player coming back if adding him to your roster would put you over the current Upper Limit for the following year"].

The entire list of Ducks players with a cap hit of $3 million or more in 2008-09 [ignoring Scott Niedermayer]:
-- Pronger [$6,250,000; not going anywhere]
-- Giguere [$6,000,000; not going anywhere]
-- Schneider [$5,625,000; the cap hit is locked in for 2008-09. Could be on the move.]
-- Getzlaf [$5,325,000; not going anywhere]
-- Bertuzzi [$4,000,000; would Burke deal him?]
-- McDonald [$3,333,333; may surprise some if he gets dealt]

That's it! Exactly six (6) players. If Burke wants to keep all of them, then we get to Todd Marchant [$2,517,500] and a scrub, Rob Niedermayer [$2,000,000] and O'Donnell [$1,250,000 and locked in for '08-09] or Beauchemin [$1,650,000] and Pahlsson [$1,400,000]. Then there's the issue of who has $3 million in cap space; realistically there's only 14 teams that probably can do it without chancing ending up over the Upper Limit, only 9 of those can do it and leave themselves over $1 million in cap space, and few of those teams can do it without worrying about blowing a self-imposed budget.

If Burke makes space to get Niedermayer back and lands a solid prospect in this, then hand the "best GM in the league" title over to him. Instead, I see him having to deal at least a pick or two himself a la Philadelphia and Jeremy Roenick to get this done - because no one has to do him any favors; he's the one that needs all the help.
Which teams have the cap space?

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