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04-02-2004, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by ngc_5128
Tampa only recieved 29 out of its 106 points from its own division. They have a 33-14-5-6 record outside of their division. The 'weak division' crap doesn't stick to Tampa this year. Even if they had the same divisional record as the habs (which sucks at 8-13-1-1) they would still be ahead of us in the standings. They are good, they are fast, they can score and the only way I would want to see the habs face them is in the conference finals.

We need to bring our A game on Saturday...we can rest the vets in the 5 or 6 days between Sat. and our 1st playoff match.
Well going with your logic, Tampa Bay has 29 points vs. teams in their own division, but let's say they played in a stronger division, they surely would not have as many points, and I bet that then you would have no problem playing them? right?

I'm not saying Tampa bay is not a good team, not in the least, what i'm trying to say is that alot of people are impressed by them and fear them because of their record and the number of points they've accumulated, if the bolts had...90-95 points, would you fear them the same? ...cause that's what I think they would have if they played in the Atlantic or Northeast division...

Tampa Bay does have an explosive offense, but if the Habs play their system, it's the exact system that Tampa bay would struggle against...Their defense is extremely prown to turnovers and I still think that their goaltending is suspect...

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