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04-02-2004, 02:53 PM
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Why didn't Brash dance with Neil when Neiler was after him all game last time? Brashear is a hell of a fighter, but why he didn't go with Neil is beyond me. Instead he feeds Rayzor a few gloved shots.
Brashear waited until the game was won, smart move on his part. He hasn't had many of them, but he did in that game.

He went after the dull Rayzor for trying to get at Kapanen. He didn't punch him at first, gave him a face wash. Ray swung an elbow and that's when Donald started destroy the punching bag known as Rob Ray.

So, who won? Your coach had last change that game. Maybe he thought those were your fighters or did he get distracted by someone's cheeseburger in the stands.
That's funny, most of our tough guys were already out of the game. See, the coach didn't hide them on the bench. Gary Dornhoeffer called it that Neil was going to start something and Dorny was none too thrilled to see him go after Somik. Especially since Dorny is an original Broad Street Bully.

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