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Originally Posted by tisting9 View Post
There have been some great comments put up and I really appreciate it. To answer some questions about where I am at I am a very skilled player with very good stickhandling and a pretty good shot. I think my weaknesses are I turn it over a lot at the blueline trying to beat defenseman. Also, my left winger never gets the puck out when I am breaking with speed.
1) The best cure for turning the puck over at the blue line is start adding a little dump and case into you're game. It'll back up most defensemen a little and it sounds like you have good speed so it should work to you're advantage.

Also I can't say if this applies or not but alot of mid-level break away specialist tend to have great straight line speed but average lateral agility. If you find the D-men shut you down when they are in good position you should really work on this. Theres about 8 million drills that are good for this.

If you want something with a more european flavor you can circle back with the puck in the neutral zone and try to pass to someone coming late with speed (this is high risk and only a good play if you have a high skill level).

2) As for you're left wing it sounds like you're leaving the zone to early. You need to work on figuring out when you should be breaking with speed and when you should stay back to support the puck. You don't think their going to be able hit you with a hail marry pass you can stay in the zone a little longer and giving him a shorter easier pass and build you're speed with the assumption that he's just going to make a safe bang it up the boards play (or where ever he dumps it) and try and win the foot race.

Most importantly play to what you're teamates can do. Don't rifle the puck at the stonehands on your team, take a little off the pass or go to option b. Don't get upset with the guy who can't clear the zone, stay back and give him some easy outs.

Think of it as building you're teams skill. Good teams/player feast on weak players and when they're scoring you can't. It's basically the difference between being the teams highest scorer and being a teams captain.

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