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Originally Posted by Hank19 View Post
How on earth can you guys get an IceNGo rink kit to work with such a severe drop?
I tried to build mine on my backyard cement patio and it was only 3" difference and the water raced off the back-end.
From 2 seasons of trying to get this kit to work, it seems like you can only be off a 1" max. Both times it's been a disaster for me to the point where I just tossed it all and bought 2x12's and some greenhouse 4mm plastic.
for your 3" drop it would be a piece of cake. The worst part for me is being on a well for water. With the one end about 9" lower, it takes a heck of a lot of water to bring it all up to get a solid 3" of ice over the entire 40x80. One end will be 9-10" thick and the other about 3, sicne it rests directly on the ground.

IF you notice, there isa lot of extra liner that hangs outside the edge of the PVC. as the rink fills you gently pull up on the low sides to draw that liner inside while lifting the edge. Prop it up with straw or snow for a temp fix. Once you have it all filled and set level, install the forms cut from the template. Remember to make a diagram with the location of each prop and its hight. Number each prop. When it comes time for the next seasons install it goes much easier.

Also, if your slope exceeds the 9" max, remove a section of PVC from each side and/or each end depending on where the slop is going. This will give you more liner to take up the slope BUT its going to take a HUGE amount of water.

Also, the ground must be FROZE before you install the kit. If not, the heat from the ground will keep the rink warm and make the ice bad.

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