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12-08-2007, 02:39 AM
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This again is one of those impossible comparisons.

If you had a Bobby Orr in his prime versus a Nicklas Lidström in his prime (like last week) it wouldn't even be funny.

And the reason is way beyond those actual players.

Any proffessional athlete today, compared head to head, is a good deal better than his or her college 30 years ago, regardless of sport.

How many 30+ year old world records are there?

Comparing with in regard to the average level of the league for each of them gives a different answer.

Orr both redefined and refined the D position, he took it to a level not seen before.

Lidström has refined the position with his hockey sense and positioning, but he's not on the same strata as Orr.

Bobby Orr is number one, and he will remain number one until kingdom come.

Nicklas Lidström is top 5, possibly top 3 if he continues to play on this level for a couple of years more.

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