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04-03-2004, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Kodiak
When he said he was not interested, he said it was because he would prefer a roster with a lot of young players. If that was true, then he might be interested in coming now. He was interested for a period of time before that statement. But of course, he may have just used that as an excuse because he didn't want to work with Jackass.
There's more to it than that. The #1 thing is your last statement. Robby DEFINETLY did not want to work w/ Jackass. And in all of his statements from last year, the tone and his words indicated that he had no interest in this team. And I have had enough of those that only come here for the $$$. Yes, Robby is a pretty good coach (a trifle overrated, IMO). But he wanted no part of us twice. Let's not forget that. Don't want to be here the first couple of times? Fine. I have no desire to see him behind the Ranger bench anymore.
But one cannot understate enough the fact that getting a proven NHL coach here is going to be extremely diffucult. Kevin Lowe did not want to follow Jackass here. Schonfeld turned him down. People notice these things. After viewing what he has wrought over the last 4 years, it will be Mission Impossible to get anyone with any kind of track record here. Unless Hitch gets bounced out in the first round, subsequently canned, and would want to stick it to Clarke. It will be very diffucult to land Q. I hope they can, but rather doubt it. The only "name" coach they may have a shot is Francis (name connection...maybe he would want to take over a team his grandfather was a big part of).

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