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04-03-2004, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Janerixon
pretty interesting that dunham and lacouture are listed as those likely not to be back, we can all see the writing on the wall about mcallister and purinton, hlavac i dont think will be back either, mironov i tend to disagree because we know sather wont go with only kids and bobo has played well with tyutin and will be cheap, but lacouture has played hard and been useful when given icetime, dunham id love to see gone but that means sather will have to buy him out, id like to see it happen but im not so sure
I think that Dunham will be back. Can't see Jackass buying him out. I disagree on Krispy. Kasper, Rachunek, Poti (unless a miracle occurs and he is traded) are locks. So is Tyutin. That's 4. I believe that Kondratiev will be one of the 6. Having him collect dust as a 7th defenseman will be an utter waste of a prospect. So that's 5. Now before we get to Bobo,there is still Pock and Lampman. In my eyes, Pock has leapfrogged Lampman. And I still think that having Lampman either in Hartford or as a 7th defenseman will only hurt him at this point. And Pock has certainly played his way into consideration. So where is there room for Bobo?
As for Lac, IF MAtty & Simon truly resign here, where is there room for him? Ortmeyer & Murray are all but assured spots and if Matty & Simon come aboard, there's simply no room for Lac. And if they do not come aboard, there is still Moore to consider (Dewy Heilman (sp?) is staying in college, or so I've read). Much like Bobo, there may simply be no room for Lac.

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