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04-03-2004, 12:42 PM
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I see the Kings making a serious run at Garon as well as drafting a goalie in the first round (10th or higher pick at this point) unless they can move up for Malkin or Ovechkin (doubtful).

I do think that the fact that as good as Garon seems to be, there are others that are thought of as equally talented who are also available and, as has been pointed out, there are only a handful of teams who will be A) looking for a number one and B) interested in making a player who has been a back up thus far, the player they are willing to gamble on becoming their number one.

That aside, Garon is a great young goalie and should draw some serious interest. I don't think though that it is right of you to set perameters of what you would take for him. The Habs, though not a favorite to win the cup are certainly not the longest shot either. To me, and lots of people, this means you are right close and since you also Already Have one of the best depth amoung young players, it MIGHT be a veteran that pushes you over the top.

In other words, while we ALL would love to keep adding young cheap superstars to our team, situations don't always make that the only or best posibility.

Garon,Gerber and many other dandys make each other less valuable. Whoever is traded for or signed away first will set the market.

If you weren't so loaded with young talent and so close to being truly competitive then I too would say 1 for 1 young talented player as my choice. Since neither of those situations are in play. Here are the following players available from the Kings that would be a big help to your team who I would think available. Package them any way you like (without being nutter) and see if any of it works.

Eric Belanger. 26 year old that is 6'2" and a clutch scorer. One of the top face off men in the game. In fact, I would say this about him, remember when Yanic Pearuelt (sp) came to the Habs? This is who Eric Belanger is. They are ineterchangable (from when Yanic where 26). He is also cheap. He had his first offish year for the Kings but, I wouldn't truly call out any Kings players for this year (with the exception of Anson "I play 20 bloody minutes a game for the last 15 and I am -7 and have ONE assist" Carter. Eric would be a nice pick up who plays Pivot and both wings. Scores when it counts. Has 32 points this year. Makes less than $700k. Proven young veteran from Montreal.

Arron Miller. One of the best number two defencemen in the game when he is on. He has had his steady brilliant games this year and his average ones. He had an injury plagued year but it was a hand injury and then a pinched nerve. Both are now fixed and his last couple of games have been excellent for a VERY terrible team. His Salary is over $3mill so the Kings will have to eat some if they move him.

A great pick veteran pick up who could be seriously helpful to the Habs.

(neither of these two are what I would want from your pov alone but they are solid starting points and the kind of players who help push teams over the top. Belanger would let you finally walk away from Yanic once and for all as he is cheaper, better and younger than him).

While I would HATE to lose this kid, he is absolutely the business and deserves significantly better treatment than he is getting in LA. Mike Cammelleri.

He scored 8 goals in 11 games while receiving 12 mins per. He were on fire when Andy (I used to be a pretty solid coach but never good at how I managed my assets) Murray bent him over and sent him to the "energy line" and then when he didn't continue scoring with those players and even less ice time (over an 5 game period) Andy sent him down. Rubbish.

I don't want to lose him. He plays center AND wing and is fast as coffee and bran muffins and has the lords own hands. He is small, but so are lots of great talented scoring forwards. You lot have the big guns to protect him and make even more room for him. He is the real deal and I wouldn't even breath his name if it weren't for the fact that I don't see him getting close to a fair shake with Andy at the helm.

I would say a package of Cammelleri(though I hope not) and Belanger (or Miller or one of the following young defencemen) for Hainsey and Garon would be a starting place for a deal. Cammelleri is the real talent for the Kings part and Garon for you lot. Hainsey would be where we would be balancing the difference between the two and we would also be giving you one of them two vets to balance that out.

Tomas Zizka. Zizka is a big 25 year old defenceman who is a great skater and passer with a cannon of a shot. He is a redunt player for the Kings who have Visnovsky/Corvo/Grebeshkov and Dempsey all equally capable (Vis is the best of all of them but the others are all equal) of doing the same job. This season was his break out year and he saw about 20 games before he was sent down due to numbers. During that time he started slow for about 4 games and then became a stud. We stopped winning and playing as well as we were when they sent him down. His speed and shot make him a solid talent but, the fact that he has learned how to read the play and anticipate well is what makes him valuable to any NHL team.

He would be an excellent #2pp unit QB and maybe more in a season or so.

Aron Rome. He is a stud. He hits, is nasty and scores with the best of them. The kings hold his rights but have yet to sign him. I would rather they keep him but, I would deal him and a 5th round pick to get Garon. Sounds unfair on the Kings part right? Aron Rome is thought to be one of the best young defencemen the Kings have seen since Blake and we are dead loaded on the Bluey.

We have others but these are the best of what I would offer.

We have the 10th or higher pick in this years draft and would use that as part of a deal as well but would want something back our way.

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