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04-03-2004, 12:50 PM
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First off, while Shields' numbers have sucked, part of that is attributed to no consistent playing time. Shields has been a starter in the NHL and has the experience to step in and do what's necessary if Luongo goes down. Will he put up Luongo type numbers? No, but not very many back ups will. If comparing Shields to Hurme, look at Hurme's second half numbers when Luongo was playing a majority of the games last season. They sucked. Florida is in need of more depth goaltending than anything else. Lajuenesse had to be sent down to Augusta twice this season, and the second time for the remainder of the season, in order to deserve playing time. Travis Scott at 26 isn't the future at back-up, nor does he have the potential to back-up Luongo like Shields, especially if Luongo goes down. Scott has had a Luongo type of season tho in San Antonio behind another abysmal defense, but its an entire step below. Florida needs a young goalie to play in the AHL right now, not to back-up Luongo. Shields does his job, much akin to a Corey Schwab. Numbers aren't spectacular, but he does what he has to.

As for tradin Huselius, some of those Florida fans who have posted in this thread just want to trade someone who underachieved for a season. Next they'll want to trade Bouwmeester, much like Jovanovski. They have no patience. First off, they mention Nedorost and Horton ahead of Kris in depth for center, when both actually play wing and seem to be destined for those roles. Jokinen, Weiss, Cullen, and maybe Ritchie could be considered ahead of Huselius, but Cullen may not be qualified and just about every roster spot will be open for competition come camp. Tradin Huselius at this stage is goin to end up a los for the Cats in the value they get in return. Florida fans need to learn to have patience.

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