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12-10-2007, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
I think we win this one. 4-2 is my prediction. Mason is going to lock it down tonight!
Wow. Great call, Mason was great!

Originally Posted by nomorekids View Post
One thing that's disappointing...

13,469 on a warm Saturday night is pretty shameful. Upper bowl was pretty full, but huge patches of empties down low.
It's always the "attack once" side that is the most empty. For one thing, I guess everyone wants to see the goals, but other than that I just don't understand why that one side is almost always half empty.

Originally Posted by handtrick View Post
....that parking lot known as I-24 that made us miss the entire preskate....
I don't know what was going on, but the people that sit behind us come in on I-24 and they didn't get there until half way through the first period.

Originally Posted by handtrick View Post
Mason with a solid game. Loved those two swats of the puck out of there with his stick after they bounced of his shoulder. He seemed to be seeing the puck well all night and gave up almost no rebounds......he appears to be back on top of his game.
Mason almost looked like he did the first 2 games of the year. He just looked more confident out there. Those swats I don't remember seeing since the first 2 games when played so well.

Originally Posted by handtrick View Post
I gotta give Tootoo the "Most Improved Player Award" so far for this year. For a guy with "persona non grada" label firmly attached to his forehead.....he has made a remarkable metamorphisis. He deserves more ice time...and apparently Trotz agrees per his post game conference.
He really has been good this year. It's hard to believe that he already has 6 goals. He just comes out and parks himself on one dot and somehow he's always left open. He gets the puck and just fires. I love that, he'll shoot from anywhere. They used to go straight to the goalies chest but this year they're finding their way into the net.

Originally Posted by handtrick View Post
As a few of us like to say after Smitty's goal, "you can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him....."
Beautiful pass by Ortmeyer and excellent shot by Smithson.
My mom has decided that the Preds should have Jared the jewelry store as a sponsor so that anytime Smithson scores, they can say about the guys with assists, "He went to Jerred."

Originally Posted by handtrick View Post
Props to our guys for matching their physicality, but remaining disciplined.
-Fiddler getting under Pronger's skin by checking back, eventhough Pronger thinks he is untouchable out there.....
-Toots with the big check on Pronger, seperating him from the puck and leading directly to Suter's goal
I thought those were huge points. If Pronger gets Fiddler to do something, Ducks most likely end up w/ a PP. At worst for the Ducks it would be 4on4, but Fiddler was very disciplined and didn't give more back to him than Pronger did. And I don't like Fids chances against Pronger in anything more than a few shoves, lol. And Tootoo's hit was great, it got that whole line going and the Ducks couldn't get a clear.

Originally Posted by burnlikestars View Post
Anyway, I have a good story to share.

This guy comes walking up the steps last night and says, "hey who wants a free beer?" Thinking it was a joke my sister raised her hand and says "me!"

He hands her the beer and says, "this is from the owner, hope you enjoy the game tonight."

At one point during the first period for some reason I turned around and looked up at the landing of my section and David Freeman and Jerry Helper were standing there. I was like "OMG, look it's David Freeman" and some people turned around and cheered him and he just very shy-like looked down and waved and said hello. And then a minute later they were gone.

And Herb Fritch and his wife were sitting behind the visitors bench about 3 rows back, both in Preds jerseys. I don't know if those were season tickets there or just for one game, but I was surprised to see them there, I guess they didn't feel like using the owners suite yet!

Unlike when he was in Vancouver, Bertuzzi was a big non factor in this game.

Love the way we came out in the first period. We came out fast and were outshooting them 7-0 and had a goal before they even had one shot. And this time we maintained it into the 2nd and 3rd periods as well. Lately when a team comes in on the second of back to backs it seems like the other team is fresher later in the game than we are.

Very impressed by our discipline. We all know the retaliator is usually the one that gets the penalty but we stayed composed in little scrums and never took stupid penalties to give the Ducks any life at all. And I was glad to see the refs let the players have their scrums and not take one player just to play Peace Keeper.

And a great job by Mason!

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