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Originally Posted by NewBostonFan View Post
What do you guys think is the most cost effective way to build up one end of a rink when you have a 12-16" drop? I have a 30x60 liner and the kids want the rink this year. I was thinking plywood, but for a drop this big, I'm afraid that just staking plywood up won't be enough support and as I fill the rink, the back will collapse under the weight. Since the kids are getting bigger, this may be the last year so I don't want to buy the fancy brackets nicerinks has. Well, I want them, but I just can't rationalize them :-) Any ideas?
I don't know if this will work for you but this is what I did.
I have a minimum of 7" drop on my property. Probably closer to 8".

What I did to prop it up was get long steaks and then screw the boards to the steaks. Then I pounded in the steak as high or low as I wanted. My ground is very uneven (not only north-south but east-west too) and this proved very effective for me and it didn't cost extra by having to buy more and more boards to make one end much higher than the next.

Although, if you have a 16" variance you might not get away with this. That's pretty significant.
What might be effective is simply buying 10-12" boards and doubling them up at the end. It's expensive but it would work.

For next year what I'm going to do is dig a 4", 30x20 hole in my yard, level it out and then replant the sod. Then when it gets cold I'll simply fill in the hole with water. Easy-breezy. That's what my wife's uncle used to do and he said you can't tell there's a decline in your yard unless you're right on top of it.

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