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Originally Posted by Bluebengal View Post
well i wouldn't call any of us experts but it looks like we definitely got some experience/knowledge in here. for those of you that said you coach kids, since i can't play any more and my son is about to start playing, i've thought about coaching kids but i don't know how to get into it. did you guys just volunteer or what?
Yup, just volunteered to help out the coach as assistant coach and trainer (had to take the first aid, cpr, hockey trainers and risk and safety course). Then the next year was accepted as a head coach, took more courses, Coach level one and two. In the third year went back and took the level three, which allows me to coach anything from house thru Junior.

That being said, it means squat.

The fun / reward is in seeing those kids start as individuals with different skill levels, come together as a team, each one augmenting the other's shortcomings and strengths to become a team which is more than the sum of the parts.
They learn about commitment, and following thru to the end, win or loose.

This is what it is about for me, and not being able to say I know lots about hockey, or more than the next guy, because I don't. But I do know what, and how, to build a team, and make them feel good along the way... win or lose.

Sure it's easy to feel good if your on a winning team, but try to get a team of 16-18 year old boys to feel good and have fun and show up during a losing year... that's the trick.

So, YES, do volunteer.

You won't regret it.


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