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04-04-2004, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by tnq
Juneau plays very well in the system, he know what he has to do within his limit. He never try something risky but if our 12 forward play like Juneau, i prefer to sleep than watching hockey.
why not get drunk? it'd be more interesting im sure

as for his intelligence or whatever.. i remember hearing a story back in the day about JJ when he first started off at RPI (reinsomething or other polytechnic(al?) institute in up state new york), anyways when he first went to RPI he didnt know any english and was enrolled in the aeronautical engineering program there (considered to be one of the best in the US, with the best being the one at georgia tech as far as ive heard [my dad's an electrical engineer and deals with a lot of space/military defence/nasa contracts and talks to a lot of folks with degrees of that sort and he just passes on various bits of info he picks up about the quality of certain schools]).. anyways back on subject, JJ basically had to learn english at the same time as learning what he was being taught in his classes and such.. and im not 100% positive on this, but i do believe the interview or whatever was with JJ himself.. i also remember JJ when he first came into the league (sorta) and hearing about this juneau guy just rippin it up and putting up huge points and such, so really, he is talented offensively and positionaly but with his back and with his age/decrease in foot speed, he's had to become a defenseive stalwart instead of being the offensive player he once was

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