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12-12-2007, 06:03 PM
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Taking on goaltending is going to increase the chances of aggravating the back problem you have, increasing the severity and/or adding more herniations to your existing disc problem. Its the most physically demanding position to play!

The drops of butterflying aren't a major concern with pads that have good landing gear. Most made after 2004 have that area covered well. I think it would bother for an injury/herniation located in the sciatic region of the back. Any fall backward onto your butt would be killer for the sciatic,also.

You didn't mention where the herniation was but if located in the Lumbar region it would NOT be a good idea unless you bring your core interior and anterior spinal muscles into solid condition.

Playing stand-up wouldn't reduce much stress. In fact, it might increase. You would end up reaching for low shots with the gloves and such. The twist, flops, drops(other than a direct downward b-fly), recovery and such would be VERY hard on your back. Did you know that there are TWO current NHL goalies who are under age 35 who require chiropractic care after every game?

Bottom line, Goaltending is the one position you DON'T want to play when a back injury is involved. Even bringing yourself into a strong core conditioning, inexperience will lead you to some sort of maneuver that could devastate your back.

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