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04-04-2004, 04:39 AM
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Well I can add coments on the defensemen I named. I've seen most of them once or twice.

Valabik is very big, and plays physical. Will drop the gloves and has thrown a big hit in ever game I've seen him (3 or 4 games) But he's still very raw, needs to fill out a bit more and work on his reaction time. Still if he's around when we pick, I would love to see us grab him depending on who else is around.

Rogers is big and skates well. He doesn't seem that physical in a 2 games I've seen, but seems to be solid in his own end and at moving the puck.

Schultz is even bigger then Rogers (they are paired together sometimes if I'm not mistaken) but needs some work on his agility/skating/speed. Has a long reach and a good shot from the point. Can't see him being around with our 3rd.

Klubertanz I've only seen once, and he's on the small side for a defensemen, but he's got a lot of all round skills. Scored a beauty goal on a shot from the point, skates very good, has good speed, and he seems very smart out there. He's going to play for Wisconsin next year, a quality program and he's played for Team USA's U-18 team as well.

Tesliuk I've only seen once at the CHL prospect game, but in talking with one scout, there are some very high hopes for this kid. Skates well, isn't very big but not small either. I've heard he plays a physical game and has some decent upside offensively.

Fransson is a great skater that could end up winning the SEL rookie of the year. He's had a heck of a season, but his size could push him down a bit and that he had to opt out last year cause he had some injuries (smart move considering last years draft to this years crop) Tons of skill but not big or physical, and I don't know how serious his prior groin injury is.

Hedman I've never seen, but is playing in the SEL, is bigger and younger then Fransson, and from what Ive read is a strong 2 way player.

Sersen I've seen a few times and I like his game. If he's around with our 3rd he should get consideration. He has adapted well to the Q, needs to fill out some, but plays a good all round game. Threw some nice hits, has a good shot from the point, and seems to move the puck well.

Lyamin I've never seen but he's big and is highly touted. Can't see him going past the 1st round, or early 2nd. Played for CSKA-2 this year, don't know if he got any games in with CSKA.

Koziara is a big kid, but I don't know much about him. never saw him and don't know if he's headed to the NCAA or CHL next year. But at 6'5 210 for a high school senior, that's big. Plus he shoots right, and could be there in the 3rd round as US high school kids aren't as highly touted.

Siglet is on the small side, and I don't think he'll opt into this draft unless the NCAA changes their rule. I can't say much about him, never saw him play but have talked to others that have, and he put up some sick numbers in the BCJHL last year. (52 pts in 52 games)

Borer I like a lot. he's big but not huge. Plays a smart all round game although doesnt seem to excell in any one area. He was physical in the only game I saw of St. Cloud State, and was strong along the boards. Not very hyped, but could make a solid mid round pick, imo

Belov has some good size to him, but seems to lack foot speed. Once was highly touted, but hasn't done much this season from what I gather. Plays for CSKA and was ok in the remax games. I wouldn't mind taking a later pick on him if he's around, as he seems very raw but still has a lot of upside.

Nikitin is on the thin side, but seems to skate well and was ok at the remax games. Doesn't have the size of Belov, but is quicker and may have a better shot, and better skating. Needs to eat a lot over the summer. :lol

Grant Lewis has some size and one of Dartmouths top defensemen, getting a lot of ice time. Not talked about very much, he would make a fine mid round pick, as he skates well and has been very productive as one of the top scoring defensemen in the ECAC despite being a freshman. Also he is a RD which doesn't hurt either.

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