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Originally Posted by dbbourn View Post
I could barely stop when I started...

There are a lot of stories on this forum about people who started playing late in life.
I started to learn to ice skate at 36 and practiced my rear-end off. I fell a lot and have a lot of bumps and bruises from just skating. I know I'm going to feel them when I'm old(er). The first piece of hockey equipment I bought was a helmet after I fell and hit my head. Slowly, I collected pieces of hockey equipment and eventually had the complete set sitting at home, waiting for the day when I would start playing. I was invited to play pick-up by a gentleman I met at a public skate when I was 38, and so began my new addiction (or affliction - if you've ever seen me play).
I thought I was a reasonably good skater, but at my first game, I fell down quite a few times. Looked kinda like a newborn giraffe on a freshly waxed floor covered in icy ball bearings. But I stuck with it and I am slowly improving. Ive gotten compliments from a lot of the guys about my improvement.
When youre playing, it almost seems like you dont even think about the skating (of course, when you wipe out or lose an edge you think about it hard) and Ive found that the more I play, the better skater Ive become even during public skate.
Anyway, good luck! Im sure youll do fine

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