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12-14-2007, 02:01 AM
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I wouldn't advise it. I don't believe they would shrink, and I think they would surely break down if you did it, and then you will never get them tight, and maybe even a blow out? Pretty hard to gauge without seeing the skates. Did those have the gel that hardens after they're heated the first time?

If you are having trouble with pressure in a specific area, or areas, you might be able to have them stretched a bit in the area while spot heating them (carefully, with a heat gun), and then wear thick socks. I don't know. Just throwing the idea out there. I'm no shop pro. And I'm not familliar with your skates. And a shop would be set up with a stretcher, and hopefully a little know-how...

... but either way, you only have $25 bucks to lose right? And then you can let us all know how it went, and we'll all be a little bit smarter for it.

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