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04-04-2004, 03:11 PM
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Oh........and I forgot to add that I should not be held responsible for anything nasty, or rude that I may say during the course of the series as I will have a condition known as Playoffus Feveritis.....which is characterized by a complete loss of the ability to think rationally....the afflicted person may often times display sometimes antisocial behavior even when he/she is not normally prone to this sort of thing........other symptoms are extreme mood swings from soaring highs to sweeping lows, depending on the success (or lack thereof) of their team. Ask my wife she will attest to this

So far there is no cure for this ailment........but there is speculation that the yearly symptoms can be alleviated (though not entirely eliminated) by a long playoff run..........unfortunately I have not had access to the prescribed treatment, for quite a while. So until such time as I can successfully receive the proper medication, I trust that the mods will keep anyone afflicted with this condition (including myself) in line if the symptoms become too severe.

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