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12-14-2007, 03:36 PM
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Good answer above. A great exercise is to do forward inside both feet up and down the rink, then forward outside edges, then backwards inside, then backwards outside. Keep your weight on the ball of your feet going backwards and on the heel going forwards.

I also started at 22, but I didn't play roller. I went to the ponds and practiced my skating every other night, then the next year (last year) I started playing at the open hockeys, and now I play league.

Check out Laura Stamm's Power Skating book. It goes through the basics of how to tie the skates (which is a lot more important and thorough than just "tight"), your outer and inner edges, where to keep your balance, how to do all the stops and crossovers, everything basically.

What I would recommend is to go to the pond, and after warming up, do skating only without the stick. That'll really help/force you to do the proper technique. Do the exercises (edges, stops, crossovers, etc) for a while. Then get the stick and puck out and have fun!

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