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12-14-2007, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by fielding View Post
What happened on the goal that was called off?
thought long and hard about this...

here's really what happened on the waived off goal last night.. and why we saw it go to replay..

bonk backhands the puck off the post, it rattles around and goes into the back of the goalie pads (but not under as the ref thought).. and of course almost in one continuous motion, bonk then knocks it back in out from under budaj..

the ref rules he lost sight of the puck when it went back into budaj's pads, and at that split millisecond decides he's going to blow the play dead.. but before the whistle actually blows bonk has knocked the puck back in..

technically once a ref "decides" to blow the whistle, the play is legitimately dead.. and therefore not reviewable..

trotz and pete and terry and everyone else are confused totally because they then go upstairs to review the play... which makes no sense if what is being reviewed is because of the 'intent to blow the whistle'.. because they know that isn't reviewable..

everyone thinks they're reviewing what happened after the "intent" to blow the whistle.. which of course they cann't and aren't..

what they go upstairs to review, is did the puck go in the net on the initial shot.. the one that went off the post and then back down into budaj.. not all the rest of the play, which is technically 'dead' and not reviewable..

now of course the entire thing was ludicrous.. the puck never really went under budaj to begin with and was still loose, and if bonk can poke it in before the ref can blow the whistle it of course should be counted as a goal..

while "intent to blow the whistle" sounds like a stupid rule... it actually is a rule.. i've seen it called multiple times over the years.. cann't beleive terry and trotz insisted they had "never heard of such a thing"... i've heard and seen it done at least 10 times in my years of watching hockey...

does that make it any less bush league or stupid or totally wrong? no of course not,, the ref was simply out of position and totally blew the call

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