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12-15-2007, 12:20 AM
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I'm shocked Andy Mac was dealt, but I'm content with it. I do think Weight's got some more gas left in the tank, and I think he'll work better with Bertuzzi.

As for Ducks fans mad because we have a crappy offense, hasn't this happened before? Oh wait, yes, yes it has. In 2006, many Duck fans were uncertain about a deal that subtracted from their offense but added to their defense. They deemed the defensive addition, although very good, unnecessary and too pricey, and now there was no second scoring line. The trade, of course, was the Pronger deal. People now wonder why we aren't dealing defense rather than offense, but like Burke said, they don't want to break this unit up. And why would they? This is easily the best 6-man unit the NHL has seen in years. Burke's blue print is to rely on his defense to win him games, and I believe it'll do just that.

Also, I liked Andy Mac, but really, it makes you wonder if Selanne indeed made him. For the most part, he hasn't played with good offensive players, and he and Bertuzzi haven't worked well together, but even when he was with guys like Perry and Kunitz, it's not like he did any better. Also, McDonald's $3+ million may be a little pricey for a second line center, considering how much they spend on defense. IMO Weight may stay for another kick at the can, but at a reduced rate. St.Louis won't be bringing him back, and California's a great place to play hockey. Or, an Andy Mac clone in Andrew Ebbett could break out similarily and fill in for him.

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