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04-04-2016, 01:11 AM
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I'm a huge Duchene fan, but Roy is 100% correct. Everyone here is missing his point. It isn't about how "over the top" Duchene's celebration was, but rather the fact he is celebrating being down 4-1 COMBINED with the fact that the team is 1-5 in their last 6, blowing a third period lead against the flyers, getting crushed by Minnesota in a huge game, pretty much failing to show up for any games during this stretch. Their one win against Nashville? They deserved the loss that night, and almost blew that game too. Oh, and couple this with the fact that Minnesota has been on a losing streak which would have left the door wide open if the team could show up for at least half their games down the stretch.

Celebrating a 30th goal like that in a game that put the nail in the coffin was wrong. Duchene shouldn't be happy, your team just blew it, you should be upset, and embarrassed that your team has collapsed upon itself during the final two weeks of the season. Team over personal milestones, especially a 30th goal.

There are players on that bench (Iginla, etc) that care about missing the playoffs and they look defeated. Then they watch a teammate celebrate a 30th goal? It's insulting.

Although Roy should have spoken to him privately. Duchene was probably just in the heat of the moment and reacted, but it was still not the time.

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