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Roy vs. Duchene: Who should leave?

This is a serious stuff that will have a long run I guess. It deserves a separate thread, not only the post-game thread where all topics are mixed at one place. I would like to read your opinion on the "Roy-Duchene" conflict from the past game.

I will also share some behind-the-scenes stuff with you, but I can't reveal everything for now.

Actually, I think this whole thing is worse than under Joe Sacco's regime. In those days, we (Eurolanche people) knew there were ongoing conflicts in the locker room. We heard it from many sources, we heard it in person. We decided to not publish anything for various reasons (Mainly, we are the Fan Club which is supposed to support the team and be supported by the team - please be this true). So we weren't surprised when some players opened their mouth after Sacco was gone.

For me, the current situation is different - we are hearing about the ongoing conflicts right when they are there - like on live TV. From year to year, we hear many stuff around the Avs and honestly this is not a big surprise. But again, I can't get into details for now with a respect to some people there.

I will share my own opinion on this, not Eurolanche's. Duchene's celebration was too much. When I was watching it online, I almost opened my mouth and did not breath. I was asking myself WTF is going on there. Then after the game I found Roy's reaction and told myself: "Finally, someone did it!"

I will not analyze Roy's comments. It would be hard to decide if it was absolutely right to criticize Duchene at the press conference or not. You would have to think about dozens of elements and the current situation on the team. Instead of it, I want to stayed focused on Duchene for some reasons.

Yes, he is a human being. Yes, it is a big milestone for him. But at the other side he is a true professional sports athlete who is paid thanks us - the fans. I was told by someone I am not going to name that majority of the players salaries come from the ticket revenues and team's merchandise. I am not "paying" Duchene to build his own career and hit milestones every game. I am paying the whole team to see team's results, team's results, team's wins and team's failures.

Ice hockey is a team sport. It is not a figure skating where the skater receives points after his ride. Hockey teams receive points as a team, not as an individual. Yes, they are individual stats but what do you care more about? Individual stats or team's results?

I do not like Jagr too much as I know what a type of person he is off the ice and off his social networks. But I like him as a player and I can't imagine he would celebrate his own historical milestone if it happened during such a bad game or even bad whole season.

30th goal mark is nice of course, but nothing big if you look at the past. Jesus, it is not worth of Stanley Cup winning celebration. When your team is showing poor results from game to game in the most important part of the season and nothing is changing and you are loosing another game in front of the home crowd which paid huge money to be there - it is not fair to be focused on you as a player and celebrate yourself.

I call it a disrespect to everybody. If I was at that game, I would not pay for a ticket to see Duchene hit the 30th mark. I would pay for to see team's win and effort. I bet Landeskog and other players weren't on the ice to support Duchene's own effort to reach the mark. I can't imagine what Landy and his teammates was thinking about when they saw Duchene going crazy. Have you ever think about them? The atmposhere and mood is at very low level right now.

Sum up, Duchene's celebration in this context (next Avs bad season; next very bad key game etc) was inappropiate. For me it is a sign how he is focused on him. It shows me he had been thinking about the 30th mark for very long time, even before and during the game. I will use the same words like someone of you posted here: He is just a human being so yes, he definitely was thinking on this mark during every shift he had in the game. Didn't have this impact on his overall play? Of course it had. Would he score more goals if he hit the mark games ago or had only like 20 goals on his account? Probably yes. In how many games in this season was Duchene thinking on his stats instead team's?

I could continue with this post, but it's time to hear your opinions. You have to realize there are different worlds in our society - and the sport of course. One thing you see in the media and the other thing you may know if you are connected with people around the team. I am happy I can compare my experience and my knowledges with the official stories and the official image that is building up around the team and some players.

Sometimes I am asking myself: Does it worth to have a good player on the team for every price?


I will not vote in this pool.

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