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04-04-2016, 08:16 AM
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Obviously not an Avs fan so I'm not going to vote, but I did want to chime in if that's cool with you guys.

I personally thought Duchene's celly was pretty stupid, and I'm not normally one to chastise a guy for celebrating. If this had happened 10 games ago when the Avs were still in the playoff hunt, I don't think anyone would really care. He's celebrating a personal milestone and his team is still right there. Big ****ing deal. I think the issue is the fact that he's celebrating like that when his team's playoff fate basically got sealed last night. I get that it doesn't change anything to sulk, but from someone watching it, it seemed like he was more excited about hitting 30 goals than he was upset by missing the playoffs. It's obviously stupid to base Duchene's character and ability to be a team player on one moment though, and I'm sure he's as upset as just about anyone that the team didn't play well enough this season.

That said, it would be stupid to trade Duchene unless you think Mack is going to replace his production and then some. They are somewhat similar players, so I could see the argument that one of them would be expendable to help fill other needs. We have a similar situation with Shattenkirk and Parayko. Of course we want to keep both guys, but does it make sense to lock up that much payroll in one position? If the team isn't going to be drastically improved, it would be incredibly stupid and shortsighted to trade Duchene. The Blackhawks aren't nearly as successful if they only have one of Toews or Kane; they need both. Finding elite scorers is very hard to do outside of the top 5 in most drafts, and the Avs have two elite scoring centers. Blues have been searching for ONE elite scoring center for over a decade. If you trade Duchene, you'll just end up looking for more scoring when the team is competitive again. Unless it vastly improves the defense, it doesn't make any sense.

In short, if the team has to pick one to go, it should definitely be Roy.

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