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04-04-2004, 06:35 PM
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Another outsiders opinion.

I have a soft spot for the Rangers mainly because at night I get WFAN on my radio. I have great respect for Kenny Albert. Despite the poor on-ice product, you guys have a top-notch Radio announcer.

Sathers Hypocracy has really hurt the Rangers. He was a leader in the cause against throwing money around. He said look poor me stuck in Edmonton with no $ . Then he gets to NY and it's a free spending party. Intead of cleaning up a mess and implementing a sound rebuilding structure he goes crazy with ca$h!

Another thing that bothers people is his helping out the Oilers even now. The Nedved deal was rediculous. he literally bought and gave them a player. It's been revealed that the Leafs wanted Nedved and were willing to make a "hockey deal" for him.

Anyways I just joined here and I'm sure all I posted has been repeated all year long.

You guys are welcome to adopt the Habs for the Playoffs

By the way...One bright spot: You Owned the Islanders.

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