Thread: Congrats Guys!
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04-04-2004, 06:55 PM
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Congrats Guys!

Well guys, it was a nail biter towards the end there, but the team pulled it out.

Good luck in the playoffs, and I for one, am rooting for the Preds this playoff year. From watching them with regularity this year, I have become a fanAnd then there is the whole underdog scenario. I am pulling for them because of that as well.

I think with the grit of this team, they could surprise alot of people. It wont be easy of course (especially with Detroit's vast experience) but I think it is something that could be accomplished. I believe!!!

I think that Hammy is going to surprise alot of people in the playoffs. He is a special player. I was defending him on the prospects board for that very reason. I can't stand it when people obvioisly base his play on his +/-. Anyways, he should prove to be a major player in the drive, and hoprfully he is overlooked as a rookie by the opposition.

In all...good luck Preds and Preds fans. This is gonna be fun!

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