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04-04-2004, 07:38 PM
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Playoff Prediction Contest

For the playoffs, I'm running a prediction contest. It's quite a bit different than the usual "pick who'll win each series".

You distribute one hundred (100) "certainty points", or CP's, amongst the various NHL teams to reflect how certain you are that they will win the Stanley Cup. You have to pick at least four teams, and you can't do more than 50% on any one team. For example, if you think Vancouver has a 30% chance of winning, Toronto a 25% chance, Ottawa a 20% chance, Montreal a 15% chance, and Calgary a 10% chance, then your entry would look like this:

Vancouver 30
Toronto 25
Ottawa 20
Montreal 15
Calgary 10

There's tons of room for strategy, and movement in the standings as teams are eliminated or move on.

No fees, no prizes, just the glory of beating everyone else and proving your superior hockey knowledge.

You can enter any time from now until noon Pacific, Wednesday, April 7th. Either post a message here, PM me, or email me (address on the web page.)

Full details on my webpage, make sure you follow the few rules.

The more entries the better, so everyone's welcome!

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