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Originally Posted by db23
For a team that is supposed to have a top group of prospects, the Habs got precious little from them this past season. Of all the players they have drafted in the past 5 years, only one, Mike Komisarek played any amount for the team. Even Komisarek was only a part time player and a frequent scratch. No prospect stepped up this year in any significant way aside from Michael Ryder who was an 8th round draft pick from 1998 and wasn't even considered among the team's best prospects a year ago.

From the 1999 draft there is nothing to show. Alex Buturlin is a marginal player back in Russia, Matt Carkner is in the minor leagues in another organization, Matt Shasby and M.A. Thinel are ECHL players at 23 years of age.

The 2000 draft is not looking well at the moment, either. Ron Hainsey has a world of talent, but he doesn't seem to want to play for the Habs. He will go elsewhere and become a good NHL defenceman, likely. Marcel Hossa isn't the sharpest tool in the drawer, and seems destined for mediocrity despite good physical assets. The guy who was shaping up as the best pick from the draft, Josef Balej, was the prospect the Rangers chose in the deal for Alexei Kovalev.

2001 should have been the Habs big year at the draft table, although it is looking less likely, now. Komisarek has enormous potential, if the team doesn't screw it up. Alex Perezhogin could be a servicable NHL winger, although he will never be a big scorer. Duncan Milroy will not be even that in all likelyhood. Tomas Plekanec is on the verge of NHL duty, although he too will be a fringe player in all probability. Olivier Michaud, who would have been draft eligible in 2001, has been a pleasant surprise as a free agent signing, but he has a long way to go.

2002 brought Chris Higgins who fits into the same category as Perezhogin and Plekanec. Not exceptional in any one area, but a decent all round blend of assets, that will make him a marginal NHL player. The rest of the draft, with the possible exception of 9th rounder Konstantin Korneev is best forgotten.

2003 offers little hope, although it is still early. Kastitsyn did nothing to show why he should have been the 10th overall draft pick. The rest of the draftees had unremarkable years as well. No one stepped up to make it look like he was better than given credit for a year ago. The 2003 draft could be a complete washout.
I'm really sorry, but you should learn a thing or two before you start posting stupid jibberish. Your post is either bias or stupid....because their all still young, and I have seen some of the guys you mentioned play...I have met most of them, and what your saying is simply not true.

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