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04-04-2004, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13
Princeton could use a guy like Joel
Q: Who's the U-boat commander?
A: Sather

Much as I wanted them to loose, I must admit that I actually enjoyed the game and enjoyed the effort. Almost found myself actually rooting for them. Gotta comment on 3 kids' play. Next time I say "How good can he be since he wasn't drafted", someone please remind of of Pock. Granted, it's only been a couple of games, but the kid impressed me enough for crow to taste good. He definetly has the offensive skills, but is also not afraid to use his body (Poti could learn a thing or 2) and appears to be fairly smart defensively. He's a little over 200 lbs, right? Never know what will happen, but the Pock crusaders may have been onto something. Consider me a convert. It he can at least maintain what he has show (pretty BIG IF), he deserves a spot in the top 6. Him and Rachunek can be all the offensive defensemen a team needs. Problem is that I do not think that a team can have both Rachunek and Poti on the same team at the same time. But that's another story.
Another one who has impressed me is Balej. Quick, QUICK skater who can make both the pretty pass and still have the presence of mind to double back to the FRONT (or side at least....still within several feet) of the net to look for rebounds once the shot comes. And the kid can make pretty moves too. Some of them actually remind me of the favorite departed son, namely Kovalev. Not saying that he will be Kovy, just saying that some of his hand movement reminded me of him. Anyway, kid can be good. Definetly got potential.
And off course there's Tyutin. Earlier I said the the team can have enough offensive defensemen in just Rachunek and Pock, but the bonus is that Tyutin can make a pretty good outlet pass and has a very nice hard, LOW, slapshot that almost always seems to find a way to get through. Plus he does not shy away physical contact. Kid has a future.

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