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04-04-2004, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by TJF
Thank you!!!!

Like I said in the post before this one, when Habs players are questioned about Thornton are they supposed to say thier gonna take it easy on Joe Thornton because he's battling an injury.
You mean we're not supposed to take it easy on him? I'm absolutely certain that the Most Reliable Montreal Media just reported that Julien was instructing everyone to leave Thornton alone, that he had free reign because hitting a player coming back from injury is bad.

Gotta wonder who starts this stuff... I mean, *of course* the Bruins were going to hit Koivu; what, were they going to just let him waltz around the ice?

"Well, damn boys, he just came back from cancer. These playoffs really don't mean *that* much to me, so I say we just don't hit him."


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