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12-15-2007, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids View Post
The game can be summed up by a single play:

Avs up 2-1 in the third.

Bonk and Tootoo get a good bounce and break down the ice two-on-one

Bonk puts the puck right on Tootoo's stick.

Tootoo blasts the puck into Budaj's crest.

Pucks into crests, pucks over sticks, shots wide\high of open nets, drop passes to no one...our offense looks ridiculous at the moment. We're dominating possession like we've NEVER done before, yet we can't buy a goal.

If we're going to be a bad team this year, it sucks that we'll likely still be good enough to cheat ourselves out of a decent draft pick. We've got Florida's first, yeah, but it's going to suck to finish in 10th place and pick 14th.
I thought the play that summed it up was when Dumont couldn't do a simple thing like get a stick on the puck and direct it into the wide open net. Instead he swats at it and wiffs. And then Weber and Crispy rave about what a great job he did driving to the net. (unless I'm mistaken and he was the one that made the sweet feed and someone else wiffed it?)

As soon as Toots got that feed I said "no goal" because I knew their goalie would be all over the shot. As Weber said they knew what was coming. There wasn't much else there since he doesn't really have the skills to skate i closer with any kind of fake.

I don't think we are dominating possessions and getting these raved about "great chances". We don't seem strong enough on the skates to me, we end up having to chuck it quickly toward the goal as soon as they bring a body on us, since we don't have guys who after driving the net can keep it against pressure just that one extra second to really make it count. They sound like great chances when Pete Weber gets excited, but I don't think they really are. At least they're shots though and I can't really complain too much about that.

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