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04-05-2004, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by nyr4life5186
...from a Ranger fan.

There's been some talk about the Rangers being interested in hiring Quenneville as their next head coach. He and Tom Renney will be working together for Team Canada in the World Championships, so maybe theres a connection there. Most Ranger fans cite Quenneville's consistent winning record with the Blues as a reason why he's atop many people's list of coaching candidates, but there have also been some questions about his coaching style. Is he more of a players coach or a disciplinarian? Does he hold players accountable? Is he an X's-and-O's guy? Will he install a defensive system that all players will abide by? If so, what type? What are his styles on the power play and penalty kill? Can he handle the pressure of coaching in New York? Or better yet, would he be willing to take on that job for a reason other than money?

Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks in advance and good luck in the playoffs!
Take into consideration that I have never played the game of hockey, but:

He is totally a players coach. Q can discipline the kids, but when it comes to veterans he has been unable to lower the hammer when it needs to be. That is the major reason he was let go this season. Q has an open door policy for players to come to him, but the criticism is that he didn't go to the players and force them into his style of coaching. Perhaps being fired has fixed that in him.

Q is very stringent in his defensive schemes, but as most coaches with a strict system, the message gets stale after a few seasons.

Q's system in St. Louis was puck control. Possession was the key. Whether that is Q's style or if he was just playing to St. Louis strengths for the years he was here (having MacInnis and Pronger on D allowed him to have a 2 excellent outlet passers) Q's Adams winning season occured the only season in the last 5 years when both Al and Chris finished an entire season healthy.

As for the pressure of New York, Q is very quiet and very humble. He probably won't appease the sports writers at all. As for Q's motivations for his next job, I don't know him well enough to know.

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