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12-16-2007, 07:19 PM
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Don't rule out tight laces. You need to make sure you're getting enough circulation to your feet. Maybe you're getting just enough for the warmer rinks but it's a problem in colder rinks? Like the last poster mentioned, make sure you keep your feet moving on the ice and stay hydrated. Hands and feet are hardest to keep warm in the cold because they're furthest from the heart. The more your legs move the more blood you get to your feet and the warmer they'll be.

What are you wearing for socks? I'm guessing cotton tube socks since you're doubling them up. Try a single layer of nylon stocking instead. Cotton, when wet, gets cold and holds that cold close to your skin. In addition to the cold it can lead to blisters. Nylon retains some heat and wicks the moisture away from your skin.

Lastly, consider getting a nylon cap to wear under your helmet. You tend to lose a lot of body heat from the top of your head. The cap will help retain some of that heat. Funny, I'm always trying to keep cool and have tried pouring water through the top of my helmet.

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