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04-05-2004, 02:08 AM
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Originally Posted by BostonBob
we are only 1 more playoff loss until this rivalry equals that of the Sox and Yankees.
I was more referring to the amount of fans involved and the realization of the Sox-Yanks as being possibly the largest rivalry in all of sports. The way it is now between the B's and Habs it isn't that intense. We aren't throwing people out of the fleetcenter because they are Habs fans (I've seen at least 10 guys get thrown out of fenway because they were wearing yankee stuff and then had stuff thrown at them. They didn't do anything to deserve getting thrown out, it was more for their safety from the crowd). Not that I want the fleetcenter to be a hostile place, I just wish that Hockey would get more recognition; especially in this area. I wish the Bruins were a team where thousands of people got the schedule when it first came out and circled the games against the Habs and made sure that no matter what else was going on, they were watching those games. Those games should sell out the day tickets go on sale. I am happy that the attendence at the fleece has gone up at the end of the season. The ownership actually went out and got Gonchar and Nylander, because of that I'm happy the fans are supporting a team that ownership put together to make a legit cup run. If we did nothing I wouldn't want to support this team with money, I'd support them in spirit from home. This season Mgmt stepped up and now I hope the fans are still around to respond. This series can go a long way towards bringing fans back to hockey in new england. Ownership made the moves to get people to watch. Now with some success we can reclaim all the old fans we've lost over the past several years. We can bring this rivalry up another level.

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