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04-05-2004, 09:09 AM
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Habs in 4, there's no way Marcotte can contain Lafleur for a full series. And Gilles Gilbert in nets ? That one hit wonder can't compete with Kenny. Ratelle's over the hill, and for that matter, so is Cashman. We'll walk all over them. Gainey will eliminate that smurf Middleton. my one concern is our third line. Risebrough's hurt so they're going to play Houle with Tremblay and Lambert. That'll never work. Tremblay and Lambert are too slow and Reggie's better suited to a front office job. Cherry matching up against Bowman ? Never. Maybe if they let him use an extra player. Who're we kidding ? Cherry will be fired and never heard from again. Orr's gone, those damn Bruin fans are still living in the past. Get over it, #4 and #7 are gone, join the present.

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