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04-05-2004, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Carbo N8
The officiating in the NHL(National Holding League), particularily at this time of year is clearly biased toward the old mentality of "let the players play", which means anything goes short of murder.

This type of 'officiating' certainly does not favor a team like Montreal, which relies on speed & more finesse more than size, but rather the bigger slower teams like Toronto & perhaps Boston. This year's playoffs will be no different.

Any call against Joe Thornton is deserved even if it happens on an innocent play. If he didn't deserve the penalty of the moment, he got away with one just prior to him being nabbed. He uses his stick a lot & doesn't always get called.

The hit on Begin was from behind & should not be a part of hockey at any level.

and i have seen two bruins take similar hits since then (Bergeron and i forget the other) with no call what so ever (because there was no injury), and Joe gets booted for a big game for it? Regardless of the teams involved, u want to explain the consistency there?

I have also seen three bruins get takend down worse than ryder did (and a few other players on highlight's on ESPN) with no call or just a 2 minute penalty?

I have and will always advoctae calling the penalties, but do it consistently(both ways)

And as far as it favoring Bsoton, it hasnt this season. And i dont see it in the playoffs.

The players that try to skat thru it and stay on there feet hardly ever draw the call, the guys that go down (like Bergeron did against Komisarek as an example) get the call.

The league wants to keep play going ,and they may want to let players play, but i have been hearing that the league has instructed refs to crack down on obstruction plays, what exactly that means i guess we will see.

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