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Originally Posted by Z-Diddy View Post
The old "stick handling control comes from your top hand on your stick"

So if Im right handed I using the majority of the time my left to activly move the puck back and forth?

Is this completely true or do some NHLers use a balance of both?
Long and short of it is that keeping your dominant hand at the end of the stick gives you a far greater and more comfortable range of motion. Most of the best stick handling moves are based strongly on moving the puck as far away from the defender as possible will maintaining control.

If your top hand is the strong one you should be able to have a fair bit of control even one handed. Dominant hand on the bottom tends to be far stronger on the puck with a much more limited range of motion.

I used to practice alot with both sticks and found that my shot was noticably harder right handed stick but I had much more accuracy and ablity to roof the puck with a left handed stick.

p.s. I'm right handed and mostly use a left handed stick. So that may explain the extra shot control but personally believe it's more than that.

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