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04-05-2004, 11:10 AM
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I've said this many times before and will once again say something.... Yes its all well and good, comparing stats from one player to another and saying that because Player A got X amount of points he is a 60 + pts scorer in the NHL, but player B has only got Y amount of points he will not even make it. To be honest it is so hard to judge players, whether we compare them through stats from leagues, teams, games, physical attributes, potential rankings or whatever you can never be assured that a player will or will not turn out as you expected. To be honest we have three great examples - and i'm not trying now to prove points as such. But in Souray, Ryder and Ribiero we had three players who have thrown in exceptional seasons. Now in Pro sports we can't guarantee that next year they will continue this high standard of play (I for one would like to see it happen) but its impossible to say they will. When determining our prospects i think we should look at our system and think were our needs lie and then say well... Yes Higgins is a good 2 way player, he may just fit well on a third line in our organisation. Whether he will be able to hold it down and make it his own for years to come who knows.... All i can say is... each year we should basically wipe the slate clean and say come training camp.. the BEST PLAYER PLAYS IN THAT POSITION!!!! seems pretty obvious to me and then you don't have any extra pressures on players, as its very much a black and white point. If your the best for that job you get it.... Just because Higgins isn't averaging the same point per game as Spezza did, whats to stop him from turning up next year and beating all other competitors and landing a job... And with CJ as head coach lets be honest you can't expect anything to be black and white can you...??? we've seen more surpriseing things...

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