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12-18-2007, 12:43 AM
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while the guy started out ok...i think he's exaggerating the technique just a wee bit (by that i mean a hell of ALOT)

its true that you'll see alot more wrist and heel to toe action in alot of russian nhlers' technique, but they still pass over the puck like regular stickhandling. They don't roll it off their blade at all!

its more in the flick of the wrist as you bring the puck back and forth. closing the toe as you move the puck from forehand to backhand keeps the puck alot more centered on your blade than typical stickhandling and allows for more dynamic cuts with the puck. watch kovalev and datsyuk do it and you can see they are CLEARLY passing over the puck...not rolling it off. They just use more wrist action. They point the toe of their blade in the direction they want the puck to go in, which results in a more fluid motion.

It's a beautiful thing to watch

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