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04-05-2004, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Modano = God
I am awarding 100 points for each conference.. and yes, I am a party pooper..

Detroit 40
Vancouver 25
Colorado 25
St.Louis 10

Tampa Bay 25
Toronto 25
New Jersey 25
Montreal 25
Well, it doesn't work that way, so neener neener, you cheater. :lol

I've halved each of your predictions, and given the extra half points to the higher listed teams, so gets Van 13, Col 12, Tam and Tor 13 etc. If you'd like to change it youself, just post another one adding up to 100.

Originally Posted by HeHateMeFrisbee
I guess the totally safe way to do it is...
Detroit 6.25%
San Jose 6.25%
Vancouver 6.25%
Dallas 6.25%
Colorado 6.25%
St Louis 6.25%
Nashville 6.25%
Ottawa 6.25%
Toronto 6.25%
New Jersey 6.25%
Boston 6.25%
Montreal 6.25%
Tampa Bay 6.25%
New York 6.25%
Philly 6.25%
I discussed this on the rules page. You'd have to give 4 teams 7, and the rest 6. It's safe, but it can't win. In fact, even if I artificially set things up by having the most popular team with the highest CP points given get eliminated 1st, and so on down the line to make all the other entries as low as theoretically possible, it still can't win. Best it can do is 2nd place, at 874 points. One of the real entries always has at least 900.

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