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04-05-2004, 06:55 PM
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Someone was talking about coaches recently and what they do when they don't have a team to coach. A lot of them go to broadcasting to keep their faces around just in case something opens up and using their opinions as a sort of job interview.

There are also the ones that go into broadcasting because nobody wants them to coach their team and they stay because nobody wants them to coach their team.

Melrose falls into the latter. He's a talking head (which is usually up his own arse) He's got about a 50/50 chance with any of his opinions, except when he's front running.

He didn't know what he was talking about with Esche and Burke and if Burke started it certainly wouldn't make Melrose any more wise than anyone wants to believe he is. All it would mean is Esche lost the job. Melrose never thought Esche had it. See the difference?

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