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12-19-2007, 03:06 PM
Joe Cole
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Originally Posted by VisionQuest View Post
Massive plastic cupped shoulder pads; check
full cage with mouth guard attached; check
massive cumbersome pants that interfere with skating; check

stick flailing helplessly carving the nearest player that actually knows how to control himself on the ice; check.

It gets pretty bad with the guys that started playing as adults sometimes.
Count me out regarding this opinion.

The pants comment mystifies me. As soon as the puck is dropped, I cannot notice any part of my equipement besides my stick and if my skates are too loose. I wear all the protection I can afford, and it never hinders me.

Plus, the whole popular opinion that guys with cages are more reckless with their sticks is a myth propgated by guys with an agenda such as Don Cherry.

For the record 99% of the guys in the NHL grew up playing with full shields. The "advantage" of not having a cage is psychological.

Regarding guys that start out as adults.... I have to agree.

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