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12-19-2007, 07:10 PM
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Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
(Bell Centre Blues - Bob Gainey version)

Well, I feel a trade a brewin'
I'm stirrin' up the pot.
I want to ditch Mike Ryder
And Vinny sure looks hot.
Oh, I know I've got to move him
Before he's UFA
But even Price and Komisarek
Won't convince Tampa Bay

So I'll look to Alberta
I know they've got a few
young snipers scoring big goals
like Ryder used to do
Well Lowe looked at me funny
Said "You want what for who?"
And Sutter said "I'll keep mine
and soon buy Ryder too."

So Mike will leave for nothing
and likely Huet too.
And I'll shell out for big guns
who'll sign elsewhere July two
Oh, I can see it coming
The press and fans will freak.
I'll just hold on tight to Timmins
and his drafting streak.

Cause soon McDonagh's coming
And PK, Max and Matt
They'll be racking up the points here
And I'll be standing pat
Just wondering where to fit them
on a team so strong
I'll laugh at wanting Vinny
(But in my heart still long.)

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