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04-05-2004, 09:51 PM
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I can answer about the Direct TV...

Originally Posted by NYR2
Bastage, don't rub that in. I assume it's Direct TV right? How do you like it? Because I've heard bad things about it, but then also good things about it. I wanted to get it SO bad for this past season, mostly so I can watch the Senators, but also because I can sit here all day and watch hockey game after hockey game. And now I'm FREAKING out because I will only see one Leafs/Sens game because ESPN is the DEVIL, and anti-Canadian. ********.

Sad thing is it will probably be the most exciting series of the first round. It's just not fair.
I got it when I moved in my house at the end of Dec. I always said to myself when I get a house I gotta atleast try the dish over cable which I had in the apts. I used to live in. I really have no problems at all. Never had a black out or fuzzy picture like alot of people say you get and we had some decnet snowstorms it didn't go out once. I got 3 boxes and dish hooked up for nothing along w/ 3 months of HBO free. It cost 49 39.00 for all the basic stuff you can name plus 5 per box. Hbo is 12.00 then any movie stuff after that is a dollar less. I got the Center ice when the price dropped in half. It was alot of fun to watch teams you don't see to much and you always had a game to watch most nights as you had the west coast game starting at 10:00 or 10:30. If you have a chance i would get it and atleast try it for a year. I got Direct TV over Dish Network as they have Yes. Only bad thing is you don't get Metro.

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