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04-05-2004, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by nikrag03
Joe SPEARED markov.. he didnt just whack him.
I didn;t see hwat Perrealt did but if he did what u sauid then yes it was a cheap shot but im sorry but Perreault isn;t the kind if guy who makes it a habit while Thornton is. Joe checked Begin from BEHIND,so yes that was dirty. Especially when Thornton is a guy who always complans about officialting and the way hockey is played. Rolston says Montreal is not even in the B'S league and htat they can't compete with them. So yes he's arrogant. But his comments don't bother me.. Let him talk.
Yep, Joe poked Markov in the tummy. And Markov put on an acting clinic then was just fine to play his next shift and the rest of the game. Joe checked Begin shoulder-to-shoulder, so no, it wasn't "dirty". Thornton was COASTING when he hit Begin, and the impact ROLLED Begin into the glass. Then Begin, the fine academy-award nominee that he is, played it up to the hilt, and... once again, was out there for his next shift and the rest of the game.

And so Joe should complain about the officiating. Not only does he have to lug his own 6'4", 225 lb. frame around the ice, but also the one or two other, smaller players that are usually draped all over him like a cheap suit. Thornton doesn't dive... he battles through all those damned drapers. If the officials actually called interference/holding penalties as they SHOULD be called, he very likely wouldn't be complaining.

The officiating has sucked ALL season long. It has been wholly inconsistent. What gets called against one team in any given game doesn't get called against the other team with any consistency/regularity.

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