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04-05-2004, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by nikrag03
Joe SPEARED markov.. he didnt just whack him.
I didn;t see hwat Perrealt did but if he did what u sauid then yes it was a cheap shot but im sorry but Perreault isn;t the kind if guy who makes it a habit while Thornton is. Joe checked Begin from BEHIND,so yes that was dirty. Especially when Thornton is a guy who always complans about officialting and the way hockey is played. Rolston says Montreal is not even in the B'S league and htat they can't compete with them. So yes he's arrogant. But his comments don't bother me.. Let him talk.

so what, Joe has had to defend himself a few times, so he is such a dirty player, heel he is worse tham PRobert could ever be.......but like most habs fans, you never see what Montreal players do.

So what, he hit hiom in the back of the SHOULDER. at worst give him the two minute penalty and move on.

Its just like certain fans to harp on that one MINOR play, when the crosscheck to Joe's HEAD was ten times worse (than that, or the love tap he gave MArhkov), along with the boarding non-call that Gonchar was on the receiving end of.

I really wonder what Joe did to the city of Montreal, because you guys harp on every little thing he does........

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