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04-05-2004, 11:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsent
I like it, you guys (and the Bruins players it seems) are as arrogant now as you were two years ago. Habs can't ask for more.

You can brag about how your team is better now than in 2002 but how about the Habs... Audette and Petrov are gone and Perreault isn't likely to play. So three smurfs are gone, replaced by Kovalev (he's semi-soft at 6'2 and 220), Ryder (6'1 and 210- grit and more grit) and Dagenais (6'5 and 220). Zednik and Bulis won't back down against anyone and can win their battles along the boards.

At the blue line, Souray (6'4, 225), Quintal (6'3 and 220), Rivet (6'2 and 215) can fight with anyone and Markov and Bouillon like the physical stuff. Only Brisebois is soft and it's not because he's a smurf (6'2 and 205).
I'm not to worried about Sheldon Souray For Getting Injured Again... he's had ONE good half season and Habs fans think he's the best thing along the blueline. I've even seen posts that go as far to say that Souray For Getting Injured Again is better than Gonchar. One good hit, and Souray will probably shatter. As Samuel Jackson said in the movie Unbreakable, " that's why all the kids called me Mr. Glass".

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