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04-06-2004, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersGuy69
ah, who cares what he says. he likes about 5 different teams anyway.
I'm just keeping it real. Sorry for posting my opinion and being objective. I'm rooting for the Flyers all the way, but I don't see it happening, and everyone I have talked to (aside from this board) have yet to disagree on who would win a series with Ottawa (and Tampa Bay for that matter. I think a Flyers/Tampa Bay series would get ugly, as I told someone, it wouldn't even be worth playing Game 4)

I've said Ottawa would win this year for about 2 years I'm not going against them until they lose. I also have yet to see why the Flyers can even handle this team let alone keep up with them. We only have about 2 guys who can keep up with Bondra, Hossa, Alfredsson, Havlat

actually I go:

1. Flyers
1 1/2. Kings
2. Vancouver
3. Ottawa
4. Minnesota

After that I'm looking at Calgary, Tampa Bay and Atlanta.

And Kapanen isn't playing defense, if he is, that's even more of a reason to pick against the Flyers because there are 7 guys on this team, paid to play the position that are better than him.

It's also no secret I own a Marian Hossa jersey (even a Wendell Clark Leafs jersey but that is ancient history). In fact, I happened to wear the Hossa jersey the night of the brawl (I went out after work so I never saw the game, nor did I realize the Flyers were even playing I thought it was the next night). So that was the only game the Flyers won this year vs. Ottawa. Maybe when the time comes, I'll wear it again and we can turn the tables.

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